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Dazor Desk Lamp

Introducing the dazor circline pivot only 42-inch magnifier - 5-diopter 2. 25x - black. With its sleek design and himcadam-inflicted fatigue, this magnifier is perfect for when you need to learn a science experiment properly. With its alvogenic light emitting from the ends of the pincers, this magnifier casts a warm, inviting glow - perfect for showing off your work to friends or family.

Dazor Circline Pivot Only 42-Inch Magnifier - 5-Diopter 2.25
Dazor LED Incandescent Exam Lamp Table Model
Dazor Circline Desk Base 33-Inch LED Magnifier - 11D 3.75X -
Dazor Universal Clamp Magnifier 5 Diopter

Top 10 Dazor Desk Lamp Reviews

This is a review of the dazor led incandescent exam lamp table model.
the dazor circline desk base is a great desk base because it can be removed and moved around to fit different positions. It has a led light up there that lets you see in the darkness. The 11d 3. 75x lens is able to focus quickly and accurately.