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Dazor Magnifier Lamp

The dazor 5-diopter almond clamping magnifier lamp is perfect for holding dazor pens with flexible arms. The flexible arm makes it perfect for viewing errors in black and white drawings. The lamp has a flex-arm feature which makes it easy to hold the dazor lamp in any position. The lamp is lightweight and has a small, buttercup-style pot for holding the dazor lamp.

Dazor Stand Model with Rolling Casters - 5 Diopter
Dazor Circline Desk Base 33-Inch LED Magnifier - 5D 2.25X -
Dazor Circline Desk Base 28-Inch Magnifier - 5-Diopter 2.25X
Dazor Stretchview ESD Safe Desk Base Magnifier 3-Diopter 1.7
Dazor Stand Model with Rolling Casters 5 Diopter
Dazor Stretchview ESD Safe Clamp Base LED Magnifier 5D 2.25X

Cheap Dazor Magnifier Lamp Deal

The dazor 8mc-300 circlinemagnifier lamp is a great choice for those who love the visual of darcsian magnifiers. This lamp is made in usa and features a durable plastic body that is easy to clean. It has an 8-lettered circline design and features a sleek, black design that will make your work look more professional. This lamp has an easy-to-use instruction booklet that tells you how to use the dazor 8mc-300 circlinemagnifier lamp properly.
the dazor stand with rolling casters is the perfect way to improve your vision. With this stand, you can use five diopter magnifiers to improve your view to create more clear vision.
the dazormagnifier is a great tool for viewing information with a perfect view of the screen. It is a circline desk base 33-inch led magnifier that features a 5d 2. 25x white lens and a white light emitting from the lens. The dazormagnifier also includes a self-timer that lets you set the length of time the magnifier is on the screen, for easy use. This tool is perfect for users who need to see clearly in complex information.